On Aspect Ratios

Outside of a few individual films, the ratios for films up to 1953 were either 1:33 for silent films and 1:37 for sound films, with various ratios such as 2:35, 1:66 and 1:85 following after. Unless viewing a correctly projected print, it can be difficult to know a film’s true ratio. Though there is now more of an effort to present films in their correct aspect ratio for home video, there are many times that the aspect ratio on a tape, laserdisc, VCD or DVD is incorrect. (Ex: A 2:35 film has been letterboxed at 2:25 or worse. Most silent and early films are not window boxed) While the Internet Movie Database has information on almost every film’s aspect ratio, it is at times incorrect or not listed , and an unknown aspect ratio is indicated by question marks in the year/ratio/ director field. If any readers comes across any errors or has information on a ratio, please e-mail me at: antartaud3@yahoo.com


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